I am an 'energy healer'-shaman-artist, based in North London, I primarily do home visits. I have been trained via direct life experience, I was also a shaman-healer in other lifetimes.  A shaman is one who acts as a bridge between the physical and non-physical/spirit worlds. I was born this way inclined. It is not a simple or easy pathway and should not be romanticised. This path is one of continual sacrifice to the Higher Truth, for the benefit of One Love, the Reality of Unified Humanity. Healing ourselves at the individual level contributes to this goal.

My background in this incarnation is 'mixed race', (I'm not a fan of the term) European and Fiji-Indian. I have worked in dementia, 'special educational needs' and mental health care, plus holistic health and I hold a BA degree in Social Policy from the University of Birmingham (2002). I have had several experiences regarding covid, including close personal bereavement, and understand very much the pain and sorrow this crisis has brought. I also understand why Humanity needed to experience this from the higher level perspective. Quite simply a human will often only make healthy changes when there is no other option, which is why health crises are often the catalyst behind positive change, I know because I have lived that life too. Covid can be understood as a  collective health crisis, our call to action after centuries of complacency regarding the Truth of All is One. There will be others.

Born in the late 70’s in North Birmingham, U.K, to a Fiji-Indian mother and British/European father, I was raised between Birmingham and London, U.K. I felt the artistic call early on and took GCSE and A-level art but like many others was dissuaded from going further.  This turned out to be to my advantage as it led me into broader life/work experience. I was about 12 when I first had a knowing that there was something I could do through the hands to soothe others, including animals, in emotional pain.


I studied for a Social Policy degree at the University of Birmingham, graduating in 2002, and was quickly disillusioned with both the unfairness of the educational system and the ways in which I saw unequal social structures being continued. The term 'cultural capital' was taught in Sociology and it still very much applies. 


In order to be able to get a job post uni, I took on a voluntary post for about 18 months in 'service user involvement' at a mental health therapy facility; it wasn't brilliantly therapeutic, but did give people who had or were struggling with serious mental health problems a place for a some basic work and socialisation. For the next few years I then worked in special needs, mental health/dementia care. 

As a child, from around three years old, I would have conversations with God, or at least I believed I was being heard, even if I wasn't too sure of the responses I was getting. There is more to say on this early development but it is suffice to say that my first 'rapture' or enlightenment experience came when I was 16 and praying for 'forgiveness' or, rather, what I realised it meant was praying for guidance and being open to receive whatever guidance that was to come. Jesus appeared and I really knew, then, that I hadn't just been 'making it all up', my spiritual experiences. These experiences are beyond simple description so I will save it for another time; I've been trying to paint these things for many years now, but I'll never really capture it in oil, because the Spirit is far greater than the physical/material. I can, at best, give an approximation.


My initial healer training came during my time as a patient at a London-based holistic centre where I was then taken on as a trainee (2007 - 2009). My teacher, Dr N Khazal, PhD, had trained with the Snowlion school in France and encouraged what he saw as my innate ability along with my manager who furnished me with the invaluable text book, 'Hands of Light' by Barbara Ann Brennan and enabled me to experience many modalities such as Bowen Technique and Herbalism. My early interest and work in alternative health during my teens started to become useful here.


During 2009 I asked my guides (every human has spirit guides) internally what name I could use for the form of healing I was learning or developing. The words 'Ma'at Sekhem' immediately came to mind, a phrase I'd never heard, but one which I subsequently came across a little later in printed literature at the centre. I asked for a translation which was 'the Power of the Light of Truth'. This energy heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart centre. Archangel Michael stepped in at this time, guiding me to become aware of 'heartsound healing', finding the 'ahhh' sound within assists us to heal our own hearts, especially those who do not think they can sing or have been silenced for years.

I was perhaps halfway through my training here and still had a lot to learn, a lot to heal within myself. Then in August 2010 as I lay in bed, suffering with a chronic ear infection, I felt my spirit start to leave my body, literally I felt my conscious self rise up above my physical body - and I panicked because I was convinced I had not 'done what I was supposed to do yet'. I had given myself septicaemia (sepsis), blood poisoning, due to a neglecting my ear infection which had travelled up my head, down my neck and felt as if someone was drilling into the ear/side of my head.  I had been over-prescribed antibiotics for decades and despite good training still struggled to actually look after myself properly. Like many people I felt it was self-indulgent, and I had developed that all too common tendency to self-neglect. As previously mentioned on the Homepage, ill health is very often a necessary catalyst for change and growth. I had learnt enough about herbalism to treat the poisoning and saved myself that way. I recommend Bartram's Medical Herbal Encyclopaedia if you are looking for a place to start. 

My many physical/mental health issues have seemingly delayed many areas in my life but they have ultimately aided the creation of the experienced therapist I now am. I have benefitted greatly from energy healings in the past as well as a form of talking therapy based upon the work of Carl Jung, 'psychodynamic counselling'. Ultimately I encourage anyone to think for themselves, to try whatever they are drawn to, and most importantly, never give up Hope, for without that we are lost.

Becoming a symbolist

Life is both brutal and beautiful; it can be very dark at times for everyone. I was led down the path of symbolic sight early on, starting with Greek mythology, Christian, Judaic and Hindu religion and then Gnosticism (inner knowledge or knowing). My interior world became rich as a consequence of some severely dark times; my spiritual side provided me with direct experience of what can be described as ’the Divine’ and this gave me hope during the long decades of despair. Symbolism, the language of imagery, helped me purge some of what is beyond words. I’ve also been drawn to learn about the broad symbolism that ties humanity together and have, like many others, heard the call to paint mandalas and thus learn about another aspect of symbolic art.



Artistic heroes or those who I learnt from include Leonardo da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, Van Gogh, Dali, Tamara de Lempicka, Jackson Pollock, Jenny Saville, Anish Kapoor, Greyson Perry, Banksy and David Hockney, to name but a few! But my inspiration comes from inner and life experience, mythology/religion and symbolism. Since 2008 when I 'upgraded' internally via connection with people such as Keith The Chocolate Shaman [www.keithscacao.com] my work has taken on a very particular focus, based upon internal guidance; I finally let go of trying to fit in or please others/the art world.

Symbols and colour resonate with us at the deeper levels of the subconscious and help bring about positive change and deeper understanding as can music and sound. My technique involves regular short meditations to assist me to 'see' and 'hear' what I need to do next. I start in pencil with a basic outline of the subject roughly sketched on paper then this is transferred to canvas or board. Symbolic colours and images are then added to express the particular traits and/or message I need to transmit. My preferred medium is oil which I taught myself to use, having only studied art up until A-level in the late 90s. All one needs is the ability to look and observe, that is how I learnt to paint. Eventually I realised that the role of healer-shaman was to be my main path, which is what I'd secretly been hoping for, since childhood, with the art serving as a means of spreading both healing energy and the message of One Love. One particular message I received in 2009 was to 'disseminate in the way of the Creative'. And so that is what I am doing now.