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The Key to Life Lies Within You - Ma'at Sekhem healing & art for this Time of Awakening Consciousness


For art and pendants plus other gifts or homeware please see the Shop and Gallery pages. If you are considering a commission feel free to message by clicking Here and/or take a look at the Commission page.

Are you or a friend/loved one in need of therapeutic support to overcome a past or recent trauma? 

Are you struggling to relax and move forward, embracing that which you know you truly are? 

Are you searching for more meaning in your life? 

Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, bereavement, (I have recent personal covid bereavement related experience also) plus pre & post surgery stress can all be assisted by holistic health care such as energy healing, also known as spiritual healing. It can also be a great assistance during the process of engaging with talking therapies such as counselling and psychodynamic, or when you are undergoing medical treatments/surgeries, and so on. 

Ma'at Sekhem, a form of channelled energy healing, means 'The Power of the Light of Truth', it can assist in your quest towards healing, aka 'becoming whole' or integrating with your 'higher self', 'soul self' or Essence . It aims to help you tune into the wisdom that lies within you and so empower you to take greater charge of your own life. The energies can also assist physical health complaints by inducing a more relaxed state of mind, enhancing feelings of well-being and so aid more restful sleep which in turn enhances the body's natural healing processes. It is not a substitute for medical treatment however.

My approach combines channelled energies with head/neck/shoulder massage (if required/preferred). This encourages deeper states of relaxation which in turn help facilitate the holistic healing or integration process. Ma'at Sekhem also involves sound healing. In my case this is generated by my own vocal cords. Different tones are produced which have a resonance with particular chakras (energy centres) and energetic or emotional blockages within the body and/or auric field layers. I also encourage the use of your favourite type of relaxing music or meditation music recording such as those found on Youtube. Distance sessions are also be available. 

Healing is not a linear process, more of a gradual spiralling upwards, which at times may feel like being stuck or even taking three steps forward only to fall back by a couple or more. This is a natural part of the journey of life on Earth. Don't give up; have faith in Yourself and allow yourself to receive whatever support you need. You are not alone.  

I have over 20 years of personal and professional experience of managing/overcoming issues including complex post traumatic stress disorder (cptsd), domestic violence, dementia, suicide attempt recovery, and other severe mental health problems, to name but a few. I have an Enhanced Certificate from the DBS register - Disclosure & Barring Service, U.K.

Awakening the Self via visual art

I've drawn/painted since I could hold a pencil but studied Social Policy instead and returned to art in 2004 due to health issues and that desperate need to create common to many of us. My art developed slowly alongside a mass of other work/experiences. My themes are currently images of the God/Goddess - exploring aspects of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine - this project is designed to 'restore the ring of god-goddess', or so I was informed during meditation at some time in 2009. These themes have certain personal associations for me but started life due to work I did to overcome fear including the fear of death. By looking our fears in the eye we can dispel their power over our psyche or mind.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and ideas. See the related page for samples of various styles of work. I can do a range including design/illustration and fine art oil painting. Click here.


Some of my Goddess pendants are on sale at Watkins Books,

19-21 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ, near Leicester Square - when restrictions permit. 




I am so happy with Chloe. She is a very compassionate and kind healer. I have benefitted greatly from her approach....she always goes the extra mile.....Thank you so much.

JK, London. Feb. 2021

Watkins Books London