Ma'at Sekhem, a form of channelled healing from pre-ancient Egypt, means 'The Power of the Light of Truth'. It is channelled energy, drawn from the Universe of Light, and may be understood as a synthesis of several energy streams including Reiki and Kwan Yin Magnified healing (aka Guan Yin/Avoloketishvara).  As it is for many other 'lightworkers', my mission is One Love and the evolution of Humanity as a whole; unity over separation. The majority of the healing work I do is with people who are unwaged/on benefits and is thus unpaid, paid in kind or I am given small donations. My intention is for the art to support the expansion of the healing. 

As with all forms of healing or therapy, Ma'at Sekhem requires the recipient to be ready and willing to take responsibility for themselves. The same is true in medical treatment. Any program of support will only help if we also learn to help ourselves. Personally I have found/still find a combination of art/writing/yoga/meditation/music/reading/getting out into nature the combination that works best for me. Everyone is different and our interests and needs alter over time, depending on our state of mind or being. Be flexible with yourself, be patient with your process. Even if it feels you are static, in truth 'change is a constant', even when we cannot see or feel it.

Our Elder Brothers and Sisters are the basis for many of my paintings, or, as one friend described them, my 'metaphysical portraits'. These Elders include Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus, The Prophet Mohammed, Nature Spirits such as Cacao, and many others from ALL religious pantheons. Religious affiliation is merely a human construct, needed in previous centuries to prepare and train humanity for this Time of Awakening - referred to as the Resurrection in the Sacred texts - and symbolised by the upward pointing triangle. This is the Time of the Resurrection of consciousness, for without consciousness we are the living dead, automatons without any personal power or thought. All of the Sacred texts have been given via the channel Alpha: Mary the Mother received her revelations from the Arch Angel Gabriel, The Prophet Mohammed received the Quran also from the SAME Arch Angel; in Arabic the name is Jibreel. Islam also embraces Jesus as a Prophet, the translated name being Essa (Isa). I say again, it is only humans who have created these separatisms due to ignorance, hatred and fear of anyone remotely 'other' than themselves. 

See below for further information. 

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I am so happy with Chloe. She is a very compassionate and kind healer. I have benefitted greatly from her approach....she always goes the extra mile.....Thank you so much.

JK, during her last months of stage 4 cancer, London. Feb. 2021

Testimonial from Sue, Manchester, April 2021 - extremely grateful to this lady for taking the time to write so much and in so much detail. I also worked on clearing heavy trauma energy from Sue's home during this period of intensive healing work.

"I suffer from a number of complex medical conditions - physical and mental and have a lot of health issues for the last 5 years including surgeries. I also recently went through a lot of emotional trauma and have been struggling to cope physically, mentally and emotionally. 

My symptoms included extreme chronic pain in my back and abdomen, kidney issues, severe depression, crippling anxiety with frequent heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue and posture issues.


Chloe was recommended to me by a friend and I had 5 sessions. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about whether I would actually feel any benefits so I was absolutely astounded when I saw improvements in so many of my symptoms in such a short space of time.


At first the changes were only slightly noticeable but with each session things improved considerably. I found that Chloe was able to help reduce my pain levels, improve not just my insomnia but the quality of my sleep, benefit my mental health by helping me feel much calmer and relaxed. My symptoms of depression started to improve as did my anxiety in various scenarios. I felt more confident over time and my physical health improved. Chloe is an amazing healer and I don't say that lightly.

Her feedback, tips on how to holistically help yourself and other things that can help you (like crystals, teas, foods, supplements, etc) made a massive difference too. They've made positive and lasting changes as well as helped me with other future inner work.

Thank you so much, Chloe". 

More on Ma'at Sekhem healing

Healing in this context means to become Whole, hence the term 'holistic', from ancient Greek, means to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit. It is not a replacement for orthodox medicine or treatment but can be very useful when employed alongside conventional treatments. 'Spirituality' refers to the understanding that we are all Spirits, non-physical beings having a physical life experience for the purpose of evolution. The core of a person is the Spirit, that part is with God/Allah/Great Spirit, and does not need to evolve but the lower Earthly aspect (personality self) does. Just look at the state of the World if you need convincing! Besides this, the Earth, Gaia herself needs us to improve ourselves and so give back to her. She has suffered long enough. 

On the individual level, Ma'at Sekhem holds you in a place of unconditional love which assists in the processing and releasing of inner child pain, trauma, past life karma. The point is to help the raising of consciousness so the person may develop greater trust in their own knowing (intuition) thereby empowering the person to live a richer and healthier life. Personal responsibility is a requirement, however, meaning one needs to let go of any notion of being 'fixed' or 'rescued', rather one must face one's demons, shadow side, insecurities, if one is to become free of them. There are riches to be gained via this approach. All forms of healing demand this, including orthodox medicine. Again, I speak from personal experience of battling with some of the darkest of demons. 

At the higher level this healing modality assists in the integration with the Essence (Spirit/Higher Self). Improvements in physical health problems may improve during this and other forms of holistic healing since they all begin at the emotional level; by releasing the emotional pain we may have physical improvements. By 'emotional pain' we mean unprocessed, unresolved past hurts, guilt, rage, anger, which only serve to keep us disempowered and locked in the past, often repeating old cycles of abuse and unhealthy attachments/dependencies including self-harming behaviours, dysfunctional relationships, and so forth. However, there are also karmic reasons for our physical sufferings and thus sometimes the physical pain and/or disability must be endured for reasons of growth and learning. It is a very individual thing.

Ma'at Sekhem may be given via the hands via direct contact, on the head/neck (similar to Indian head massage) or via the feet (incorporating reflexology). It may also be done above the body and via distance. At times I need to focus on particular areas of the body but this is not always the case. I adapt to the needs of the individual. I use a little homemade aromatherapy oil to anoint head or feet (unless the person dislikes it) as this assists connection and opening to receive. Sound is particularly important in this work; I use toning, sometimes a Tibetan singing bowl and crystals if required. We always use some form of music, to the taste of the individual, to facilitate the deepest relaxation. Youtube is often helpful for this. Please note, I tend to use 'we' as opposed to 'I' frequently because this healing is a Collective effort that also involves your Higher or Essence/Soul self. 

The experiences a person has during these forms of healing varies considerably. It all depends upon what the person needs, the level of consciousness and also what they allow themselves to receive. Faith is not required, nor belief, only the willingness to receive. I know very well how hard that is and have struggled for many years until I finally realised that in receiving help (in all forms) I was altering my frequency (vibration) which in turn allowed me to better serve others as well as lead a fulfilled and peaceful existence. Many of us are taught that we must give, always, but that to receive is both selfish and threatening. I had many experiences in early life where if I received, either in the form of attention or material things, there was always a heavy price to pay. I have reached the other side now and thus can assist others in a healthy and balanced manner. 

My art is a reflection of the healing work and another vehicle for the dissemination of healing messages and guidance. Many of them are illustrations for sets of oracle cards that I am also in the process of creating, these are simple ways of tapping into your own guidance system.